Morning intensives

The opportunity to go deeper into the practice of Contact Improvisation, Play Fight or Water Dance: 5 morning classes with the same teacher(s) throughout the week. Choice of three intensives:

CONTACT IMPROVISATION with Ekaterina Basalaeva 

PLAY FIGHT with Bruno Caverna

WATER DANCE with Dolores Dewhurst Marks & Julie Aloha

Contact Improvisation 

Closer than together

with Ekaterina Basalaeva (RU)

In these few days of our collaborative practice, we’ll dive into the exploration of those layers of body and mind where the membrane in between “me” and “not me” becomes motile and penetrable. We’ll be offered to let go for a while the idea of dancing with each other and we’ll intend to arrive at that layer of consciousness, where we are the ONE body/mind, and let the dance originate from within.
It will be the practice of disengagement with the familiar image of Self and of embodiment in a new body with the ONE mobile centre and periphery. ONE body, where the weight can be condensed on a tiny point, or be evenly spread, or be dissipated in the space.
We’ll explore how to be within this new body, how to walk, fall, fly, stop, look, listen, live.
In the space, where everything is alive and everything is changeable, we’ll aim to arrive at ONE – place, time and action.

Dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher. Organizer of the Contact Improvisation Festival at Altay. CI practice and teaching – 18 years. Her background experience includes contemporary dance, physical theatre, aikido, climbing, play-fight, axis syllabus etc. 
At the moment Contact Improvisation, Ideokinesis and performative art nurture her interest in personal exploration, inviting to doubt what is already known and creating space for further transformations.

I wonder how CI practice can develop nowadays, absorbing discoveries and experiences from other related practices that explore movement and body/mind. I am interested in finding answers and again questioning them”.

Play-Fight with Bruno Caverna (BR)

Falling into Connection

Connectivity rests at the core of Play-Fight. Through the practice, we offer another view on the meaning of “feeling connected”. In the perspective of Play-Fight, connectedness is not only exceedingly difficult to attain but nearly impossible to sustain. While cooperative environments may trigger a genuine felt-sense of connectedness, it is actually in the confrontational spaces that connectivity can be verified more accurately. In this respect Play-Fight Practice does not instigate fighting, on the contrary, it is about playfully confronting one another in most collaboratively ways. The exercise of friendly tossing each other out of the comfortable zone can be revealing as it plays a vital role in exposing mechanisms of defenses and escapism. Such patterns of hidden resistances operate below the conscious radar. They are virtually present at every daily situation and greatly compromise the quality of being truly connected within oneself and to the other. Along the process, we examine the source of dysfunctional biomechanics that prevents people from giving in to the falling, to gravity, to the dancing. We regard falling as more than a physical action but a state of total surrender that allows effortlessness to be embodied”.

In a nutshell Play-Fight Practice is:

Playfulness – the cooperative the ground

Falling – the self-confrontational exercise

Connectivity – the delightful side-effect of relinquishing resistances

SENsitive streams – water dance intensive 

WITH Dolores Dewhurst Marks (Uk) & Julie Aloha (FR)

Water dance intensive in the ocean. These afternoon workshops will focus on translating principles of Contact Improvisation into dancing with water. Including practices of WatSu (water massage) in floating on and under the surface of the water. Moving in water produces a quality of calm and ease – it releases muscle tension and mental holding’s. Connecting us to both our inner fluid element, and other bodies through the surrounding liquid environment. Water Dance opens channels into a fluid consciousness: Letting go of the action of doing and knowing, surrendering to be moved and inspired by nature. We all began as fluid in our mothers womb, through liquid medium we can re-experience the simple, effortless, peaceful state of being. Space opens within us, as fluid can freely travel through joints, organs, bones. Life flows through us as we spiral and dance with the organic rhythm of the waters currents.

All levels welcome.