Morning intensives

The opportunity to go deeper into the practice of Contact Improvisation: daily class with the same teacher(s). Choice of two intensives:




with Vega Luukkonen & Hugh Stanier

What interests us most in our dance?

How can we tune ourselves to be ready for anything?

The ability to respond with presence and awareness takes practice.In this intensive we will explore some core principles vital to understanding and finding freedom in the body. Exercises will focus on investigations to deepen a physical knowledge of the moving body both alone and with others. Building up a functional understanding of underlying physical principles and structures that enable to body to move freely, as well as widening the trust to our instincts, impulses and intuition.

We both like to work with organic, fluid and functional movement. Some of the movement principles and patterns we will offer are drawn from release technique, developmental movement patterns and floorwork. Easy transitions in and out of the floor. How the bones and joints are involved in supporting functional movement.

We will offer some underlying movement principles in contact improvisation, so that we can dive deeper in details, sensitivity and precision in our dance. The placement and use of the center, connection to and use of the limbs. Natural spirals and twists of the body, especially in the spine. How the use of head & tail can allow the whole body to enter into three-dimensional movement patterns. Playing around ideas of momentum, suspension, inertia, falling and swinging. Slowing down and breathing, allowing time for listening, sensing and sinking deeper into moments and sensations. Fine tuning and subtle precision.

Focusing on being accurate and aware can open so many possibilities….


with Ulli Wittemann

Softness. Connectedness. Presence.

What’s the possible meaning of these terms in dancing CI, in the physical interaction with our own and another person’s body? How can I create a state of relaxed awareness, where every moment is an invitation to learn and grow and every surprise is a gift? One part of this workshop will be exploring new pathways and expanding our dance to unknown territories – from opening our bodies to all directions on the floor to dynamic interactions in lifts on different levels. This exploration will be guided by the idea of being fully present with ourselves and our dances, with our partners and with the whole group moving together. We will practice being connected and grounded, yet flexible and open to enjoy spontaneous changes. “How can I support partners, which are bigger than me and how can I stay light and soft flying on someone else?” These and other questions will be researched with clearly structured exercises and also keep space for exchanging about our experiences and free exploration in the dance.

All levels welcome!

SENsitive streams – water dance intensive 

WITH Dolores Dewhurst Marks (Uk) & Julie Aloha (FR)

Water dance intensive in the ocean. These afternoon workshops will focus on translating principles of Contact Improvisation into dancing with water. Including practices of WatSu (water massage) in floating on and under the surface of the water. Moving in water produces a quality of calm and ease – it releases muscle tension and mental holding’s. Connecting us to both our inner fluid element, and other bodies through the surrounding liquid environment. Water Dance opens channels into a fluid consciousness: Letting go of the action of doing and knowing, surrendering to be moved and inspired by nature. We all began as fluid in our mothers womb, through liquid medium we can re-experience the simple, effortless, peaceful state of being. Space opens within us, as fluid can freely travel through joints, organs, bones. Life flows through us as we spiral and dance with the organic rhythm of the waters currents.

All levels welcome.