2020 Festival will run over 9 days – 23rd – 31st March.

Play Fight with Bruno Caverna
Contact Improvisation with Katja Basalaeva
Water Dance with Dolores Dewhurst Marks

To support our learning, the program will include Contact Improvisation key essentials, research laboratories, focused jams, talks and screenings, reflection spaces and body work. Without forgetting our favourite offerings that make the festival so warm and celebratory – morning yoga, singing circle and ecstatic dance.

The festival program is inclusive for all levels of experience.

We begin each day with morning yoga practice for body-mind and singing circle. Followed by intensive workshops; a unique opportunity to study in depth with one teacher for several days during the festival. There will be 3 intensives to choose from, running parallel to each other.

Sharing circle and lunch. Afternoon workshops and laboratories; in order to study further CI skills, group research and practice together.

Evening jam for integration and play. There will be two open spaces each evening. One with live Improvisation musicians supporting the jam. The second space for talks, screenings, focus jams and dance scores.

Also included in the program will be the Underscore, Ecstatic Dance, and sunset beach/water jams. We open with welcoming dance on afternoon of 23rd and closing ceremony will be the morning of 31st. We recommend you give yourself plenty of time either side of the festival days to enjoy Koh Phangan and join the workshops and jamming the week before and week after…

Thailand Contact & Ecstatic Arts Festival


Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum and shared weight. It is an open exploration in which two or more bodies meet through a shared point of contact, and together explore the feeling and impulse of each moment. Rather than following a pre-defined series of motions, dancers use their intuition, their abilities, interests, needs, desires, and importantly their boundaries to dance. CI requires us to be open and attentive to the present moment. Every dance-partner poses an ever changing landscape that varies in time, space and energy. Through listening with our awareness and touch we tune into each other and continuously solve the mutual puzzle of how human bodies can co-exist in holistic rhythm and flow.

General format for CI practice and play is a open dance space called a Jam. Each evening we have a jam, supported by a group warm up to open the bodies perception, and sometimes accompanied by improvisation music. Daily CI focus will be through morning intensives and afternoon classes to steadily build skills in listening, supporting, flying and improvising.

Play Fight

Growing from its foundation, the moving and embodied philosophy of Liquid Body, Play-Fight practice is a deep excavation of the nature of our human condition. The name is an attempt to represent the inherent polarities, present in biological and social realms, like a symphonic interplay between confrontational and cooperative qualities. In this perspective, life is an unavoidable relational play-fight condition that takes place uninterruptedly within ourselves from moment to moment as well as at each interaction with the surroundings. The cooperative aspect of the practice ensures that an individual’s integrity is absolute. On the confrontational side, the practice has the potential to reflect each other’s blind spots and to expose concealed unconscious resistances, like a ruthless mirror that challenges the delusory myth of our personal identities.

Water Dance


Water Dance translates the principles of Contact Improvisation into dancing with water. Including practices of WatSu (water massage) in floating on and under the surface of the water. Moving in water produces a quality of calm and ease – it releases muscle tension and mental holding’s. Connecting us to both our inner fluid element, and other bodies through the surrounding liquid environment. Water Dance opens channels into a fluid consciousness: Letting go of the action of doing and knowing, surrendering to be moved and inspired by nature. We all began as fluid in our mothers womb, through the liquid medium we can re-experience the simple, effortless, peaceful state of being. Space opens within us, as fluid can freely travel through joints, organs, bones. Life flows through us as we spiral and dance with the organic rhythm of the waters currents.


Morning Yoga classes will be restorative in nature, especially working with postures to help ease compressions and tightness in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Each session will help encourage balance and spaciousness within the body, inviting the dancing to feel and remain effortless during the festival week. Daily yoga offers and calming way to connect to ourselves each day, warm up and prepare.

Yoga Michelle Berrange
Singing Circle Koh Phangan


A wonderful way to start the day together with singing. After morning yoga we will sing Kirtans and singing circle songs to open our voices and awaken our inner space, readying for the day of dance ahead.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form dance event. It is a group journey through rhythms and beats, and pulses. Rising to ecstatic states of sound, movement and celebration. A drug and alcohol free, wordless space to express ourselves through dance. The music during the event begins with gentle rhythms, supporting us to connect with ourselves and the space. The musical pattern slowly grows stronger and rhythmically faster, rising energetic states as a group of sound, movement, expression and celebration. Building to an ecstatic climax near the end. And closing with a grounding finish often with live music. Ecstatic Dance is a creative, judgement free place to explore freedom of expression through the body. Share with others our energy and joy. The festival will include two ecstatic events in the schedule. They are a great opportunity to free up some inhibitions, release or gather energy and together celebrate our bodies love of movement.

Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan