Pre and Post Festival

3 day pre festival contact improvisation workshop

9 days of festival program

5 days of post festival open jam space

3 day post festival focus workshop

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Contact Flow WITH VEGA Luukkonen

During this intensive I wish to offer you diverse range of core principles in contact-improvisation. We will work both technically, concentrating on building up functional understanding of underlying physical principles and structures of contact improvisation, as well as widening the trust to our instincts, impulses and intuition. Letting ourselves completely free, and following the flow. But also understanding how do our bodies work? How do our joints, bones, muscles and skin function?

When: Beginning of March 2019
Where: Pyramids Yoga


A couple of years ago I started combining two of the things I love most in my life – dancing and playful fighting. In this workshop I am offering you a safe space, where the desire for intensity and dynamic play meets the awareness and listening of Contact Improvisation. From 23 years of practicing different martial arts forms (Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing and Boxing) and Playfighting I derived a set of exercises, which enables also less sportive people to explore and enjoy their warrior energy in a safe environment.

When: March 2019
Where: Pyramids Yoga

Waterdance With dolores Marks

Dancing in the water helps us to get softer. Little moves make a big difference in the water: We discover the water in us and around us in a completely new way.

When: April 2019
Where: tba

Poetic Body with Sasha Dodo

This is where theater meets contact. We will emerge in a monthly long exploration of dance, theater and butoh.

When: February 2019
Where: Siam Healing Center, Koh Phangan

Acrobatics and Contact with Daniele Sardella

The acrobatic movements are considered in this class as instruments to increase the possibilities to adapt to the partner’s movement and mantain the flow of the dance. We will work on the possibilities opened by giving all our weight to our partner, on facing the fears of backbending and of being upside down with the weight on the hands. We will explore these topic with a somatic approach (metodo BioTransazionale) that take care of the health of our bodies avoiding the risks of overcome our joints limits. The result is a richer dance in a healthier body.

When: April 2019
Where: tba

Other Teachers TBA


When: tba
Where: tba

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