Thailand Contact and Ecstatic Arts Festival on Koh Phangan will be held at Pyramid Yoga Center. The center is situated on a hill within the tropical jungle fauna and provides a superb wooden dance floor, probably the best floor on the island for Contact Improvisation!

But how do I get there?

Airline tickets

To look for a cheap flight, you may consult with us, or check the websites:

From Bangkok by bus and boat

You can ask in any travel agency in Bangkok, or Bangkok airport. Tickets should be between 12€ and 30€ per person, depending which company you are choosing. We recommend to travel first class. It is only a little more expensive than second class, but much more comfortable.

If you want to pre book:

How to get to Koh Phagnan

There are many ways to get to us.

By plane
You can take a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Then take a taxi to the pier and go by boat to Koh Phangan.
Make sure to get to the right pier and check the ferry schedule. Or fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani airport on the mainland. From there you can to purchase bus and boat ticket to Koh Phangan.

leaving from Nathon Pier or Pralarn Pier
leaving from Bangrak Pier
leaving from Nathon Pier

Usually you can book the trip online or from the airport. Or just take a cab to the biggest pier (Nathon Pier) and take the next boat available.

Once arrived in Koh Phagnan

Once you arrived in Koh Phangan, you can either rent a scooter to go to Srithanu, the nearest village to Pyramid Yoga with plenty accommodation options, cafes and restaurants. We recommend getting a scooter whilst on the island, it comes in very handy to move around. Alternatively you take a cab from the pier to your accommodation. Cab buses can be caught almost everywhere around the island.

The address for the festival site:

Pyramid Yoga

58/34 Moo 8
Koh Phangan
Surat Thani, Thailand 84280

T: + 66 99 260 0597 (Internationally)
T: 099 260 0597 (within Thailand)


Please write to Ely through the Pyramid Yoga website if you would like a hut at the festival site. Accommodation there is limited. However, there are plenty of opportunities close by on the island. If you have time on your arrival it is easy to ask around and find accommodation very quickly. Please contact us if you would like assistance in finding accommodation. Prices start from 7 euro per night for a basic place. We have a list of recommended options we will send out after registration.


For most countries you can get a visa on arrival for one month. But make sure to check the website of Thailand’s embassy for more details.

Thailand Visa



Our recommendation is to take travel insurance for your stay.

For example with World Nomads

Or any other that is based in your country.