Our Environment

We are aware that inviting people to join us from overseas to participate in the festival has a negative impact on the environment. 

We believe the festival provides an important opportunity for human connection and cultural exchange; cultivating a space and time for us to authentic relate with each other and with the surrounding nature of Koh Phangan. Sharing diversity and awareness to expand the collective consciousness and strengthening sense of community and care.

We are working to balance the impact in the following ways:

Where possible we advise participants to take land transportation to the Island. 

The event is plastic free, we try to use only recycled materials during the festival. 

We invite participants together to reduce their carbon footprint through ride sharing schemes.

We collaborate closely with our host venue, Pyramid Yoga Center, to minimise waste products and maximise awareness of our environment. 

The venue has been built and continues to run with sustainable focus: buildings made from natural materials, practices to have minimal impact on the surrounding wildlife, water sourcing from natural streams, promotion of permaculture, and recycling.

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