Nitipat Ong Pholchai/Spine Party Movement is a physics lecturer and dance artist with an interest in community-based learning, and tailoring somatic practices for different groups. As a curator/organizer of an art collective Project C in Bangkok, he is looking forward to supporting new multidisciplinary makers with his collaborative tools, somatic movement knowledge and providing production resources as well as learning together with the people he works with.

The subject of his art, deep-rooted in the human body and somatic embodiment, tackles the issue of consciousness and the limits of human perceptions, fear vs. freedom, the paradox of coexistence for individuals in a society and compassionate confrontation/negotiation. He deals with these issues through collective movement meditation and dance.

He has been actively promoting somatic education and contact improvisation to the public of Thailand since 2014. He has locally shared his knowledge and creative projects with groups in Thailand ranging from alternative schools, social activist groups, The Blind theatre Thailand and university dance departments. He has also presented his works and developed artistic collaboration internationally with communities in Malaysia, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Bangkok-based art collective Project C came together as he tries to use his artistic, creative and social movement network to bridge the gap between different communities in Thailand and to vitalize local Bangkok experimental art scene.