Kieran Mitchell began dancing 27 years ago at Bodenweiser dance studio, Sydney, where he took seven years of Modern dance and five years of Ballet. He was selected to attend a performing arts high school as a dancer. He is involved in physical theatre and contemporary dance theatre. 9 years ago he discovered Contact Improvisation and became a dedicated practitioner. He has taught CI in Australia, Germany, Turkey and Scotland. He has participated in many CI festivals including Freiburg International, the Australian Convergence (ACIC), Munich Somatic Arts and Berlin In Touch. He lives in Berlin sometimes where he teaches CI, organises jams and seeks out artistic collaboration.

Kieran is interested in the way CI allows the practitioner to dissolve and reify the borders between the self and the non-self. To ask the questions: where do I end? Can I extend myself into another body and access the floor through that body? Where is my attention? Is it focusing on the internal, the external or the sense data itself? Kieran also has a strong focus on technique and how to communicate technical understanding to others. Most of his classes begin with an emphasis on technique; the ‘doing’ aspect of CI (‘moves’ and ‘pathways’), and move towards a forgetting of the technical and allowing the body to express itself in its ‘being’ modality.