Ina Elanor is a Socio-Psychologist (M.A.), Energy Healer and certified Facilitator for Movement Meditation. Moving around Asia since 2014 and being rooted on Koh Phangan, she has gathered a wide range of influences, bringing together Dance and Healing arts as an exploration of Self and Soul through Movement. She is a  esident teacher for Contact Improvisation on the island where she is also facilitating Ecstatic Dance journeys and holding workshops for Authentic Movement and Authentic Embodiment.


In AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT, we tap into an infinity of possibilities, where the ‘unknown’ is a place to be discovered through the body. In this practice we witness and we move without seeing, giving sense and meaning  n an empathic and non-judgmental way. Moving in couples of a blindfolded mover and an observer, we are creating a living experiment, that can show us new aspects about ourSelves and how to embody the very present moment – however that may look like. As we trust and give in to the flow of motion, intuitive exploration and spontaneous action can then build a bridge to the subconscious and show us hidden aspects of our true body.

AM has been developed in the 1950’s by Dance Therapist Amy Starks Whitehouse as “movement in depth” and  widely practiced in modern dance and movement- environments.