Independent artist, water dancer, performer, teacher of Contact Improvisation and Somatics. Founder of Art Continuum Nomadic Residency and Thailand Contact and Movement Arts Festival. Graduate of Roehampton University with a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. Since 2015 sharing Contact Improvisation and Water Dance in Europe and Asia. Co-creating the space for 2017 Goa Contact Festival, before organising the Contact Improvisation dance festival on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Dolores continues to study Body-Mind Centering, Somatic Movement Educator programme at Moveus in Germany.

Research and teaching on land: Combining the practices of Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering; cultivating awareness of the body in movement, supported by the inner landscape of our body systems in relation with others and space. Though the sensation of touch, the practice of listening to sensory feedback from interaction, we can better know ourselves. Integrating sense perception and feeling with physical information in the dance. Researching how embodiment can provide easeful ways of moving and communicating in improvisation.

Research and teaching in Water: The study of embryology, and the homogeneous patterns of early human development and evolutionary paths, have led her research into water. Observations of water’s the physics and resonance, inspire her practice. Appreciating the holistic value of being in water as tension reducing; allowing for consciousness to more fluidly travel through the body. Pathways in the body that may have become blocked due to environmental, cultural or emotional factors can be released by consciously re-experiencing bodily states and movements from previous stages of development.

Inspiration and Projects: In collaboration with Sasha Dodo; co-creating poetic dance films, performances, art labs and residencies, teaching contact improvisation, dance improvisation and performance together. Dolores is deeply inspired by nature and continues to explore contemplative movement in nature alone, with groups and in performance settings. Additional movement mediums of inspiration are Axis Syllabus, Japanese Butoh Dance, Sufi Whirling, Authentic Movement.

julie and dolores sensitive streams water dance intensive 2019 from Sasha Dodo on Vimeo.