the festival in 2020

Dear Friends & Participants of the festival 2020. We wish to inform you of our latest action regarding the COVID-19 virus in Thailand. Considering the global response to the World Health Organisation classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we have decided to postpone the upcoming festival events. The Thailand Tourism Authority has warned not to travel to the country unless absolutely necessary, borders are closing globally, we are concerned closure maybe implemented in Thailand soon also. We recommend you contact your travel agent to amend your travel itinerary immediately. Protocol from the World Health Organisation strongly discourages social interactions, physical contact, public events and/or gatherings of over 100 people. The physical, social, and artistic well-being of our community is of the upmost importance to us. For these reasons we will be postponing the pre workshop Play Fight Practice, Thailand Contact & Movement Arts Festival, and 5 days of jams. Due to these unknown circumstances we are dealing with, we will wait to see what unfolds before resetting the date. Until the waters of the world have calmed down, enough for us to see the way through these turbulent times together. We pause & take a deep breath. Please contact us directly with your case, should you need more support & information about current actions. or FB message Thank you for all your support. Your festival team

Thailand Contact & Ecstatic Arts Festival

Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum and shared weight. It is an open exploration in which two or more bodies meet through a shared point of contact, and together explore the feeling and impulse of each moment. 

Thailand Contact Festival

Play Fight

The moving and embodied philosophy of a liquid body. Play-Fight is a martial arts / dance practice.

Water dance

Water dance is the exploration of fluid principles of Contact Improvisation. Discover how they translate in a weightless environment, dancing on and under the water’s surface.

Singing Circle Koh Phangan


Beginning each day with yoga, to warm up the muscles and stretch in preparation for a day of dancing. Start your festival morning with a Hatha or Vinyasa flow. 

Thailand Contact Festival

singing circles

A wonderful way to start the day together is with singing. After morning yoga we will be singing Kirtans and singing circle songs to open our voices and lift the spirits. 

This is a multi-disciplinary movement arts festival. Celebrating diversity of culture, practice and education of Contact improvisation.

At this years festival (March 2019) over 130 dancers gathered on Koh Phangan from 60 different countries to move, learn, play, share together…

The 2020 Festival will run over 9 days – 23rd – 31st March. And an additional pre workshop and a 5 day post festival jam.

Join us to co-create a joyful space of body, mind and movement connection through creative and artistic practices of Contact Improvisation, Play Fight, Water Dance, Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Singing Circle and more.

For news and updates around the festival please visit our Facebook Page.

creating together

january program

Contact Improvisation Intensive for beginners

6 – 11 January

Base of Contact Improvisation Intensive for beginners. 5 days Contact Improvisation training with Sasha Dodo & Dolores Dewhurst-Marks. Preparing body and mind for CI by engaging with its fundamentals principles, ideas and philosophy.

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Contact Improvisation Intensive for experienced

22 – 26 January

Unbased base of Contact Improvisation Intensive for experienced. 5 days of CI training, developing body/mind readiness for unexpectable transformations within improvisation practice. Sharing the results in a final performance.

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February program


7 – 29 FEBRUARY 

at Siam Healing Centre on Koh Phangan. 

Art Continuum nomadic residency is designed for alternative education, artistic exchange, research and production of art in fields of poetry, dance improvisation, experimental theatre and film. It is orientated towards those who are looking for a flexible environment to develop their own creative pathways, in collaboration with other artists. Supporting individual artistic development and searching for an intuitive approach to co-creation.

The residency in Thailand will be focused on performance and film creation, in relation with dance improvisation and poetry. Divided into two parts, each 11 days, with an underlining open-focus laboratory for research and artistic exchange continuing throughout the whole period.

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March & april program


18 – 20 MARCH


Thailand Contact & MOvement ARts Festival

23 – 31 March

9 days festival

Contact Improvisation – Play Fight – Water Dance – Yoga – Singing – Jams – Live music – Ecstatic dance. 20 teachers from Europe & Asia sharing their movement research & practice. 

Post Festival 5 days of JAM

1 – 5 April

50 hours of focus jamming / body work & laboratory