Thailand Contact Festival

Contact Improvisation & Ecstatic Dance

Thailand Contact Festival

Water Dance

Yoga & Singing

Thailand Contact and Ecstatic Arts Festival

Thailand Contact and Ecstatic Arts Festival

20 - 27th March 2018

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Photography by Sören Wacker.

The Festival

In March 2018 we will organise a festival for Contact Improvisation and Ecstatic Dance on the tropical island Koh Phagnan, Thailand. 

Join us to co-create a joyful space of body, mind and spirit connection through creative and artistic practices of Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance, Water dance, Yoga, and singing circles. 




Within 7 days, from 20 - 27th of March, we will sink into a world of powerful workshops and explore the countless possibilities of interaction and expression.  Each evening we will gather and share our discoveries through dance, musical jams and ecstatic dances. Together we embark on a magical journey of somatic self-discovery and connection.

For news and updates around the festival please visit our Facebook event.


Festival Vision

Our Vision for 7 days of exploration and celebration we will join together dancers, musicians, artists and therapists from all over the world. To explore our inner and outer worlds with innocence, curiosity, non-judgement and integrity. To nourish and support self awareness and openings into authenticity and vulnerability. To o respect each others boundaries on and off the dance floor. To create a safe space to hold one another in our deepest forms of self exploration and expression.

We are going to surrender to the rhythm of the music and dance of our being and celebrate the flow of life together with joyful abandon. We will show gratitude for the paradise that hosts us by taking care of our environment and show courtesy to Thai culture. We will consuming locally sourced vegan food and share scooters to reduce carbon emissions. It is gonna be a plastic free festival! 

We will love, honor and respect ourselves in all processes.